Bedouin intelligence agent in Sinai, World War I

Just a few days ago, I found this image of an armed bedouin intelligence agent in Sinai during the World War I era. When I saw it in Yigal Sheffy’s book British Military Intelligence in the Palestine Campaign, 1914-1918, it piqued my curiosity, because you don’t commonly see images of the bedouin spies British and Commonwealth forces employed to keep tabs on the Turks. So I traced this image to its cited source (the Australian War Memorial), which reveals that this picture was taken by Major L.C. Timperley of the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment. The date was unspecified, but as it appears to have been taken in Sinai (and it could just as easily been taken in southern Palestine), I’m guessing that the date probably ranged from early 1915 to early 1917.