About me

About me

I seek. I find.

That is what I do. 

Throughout my working life, I have been a hunter and gatherer of knowledge on behalf of others. 

In 2006, my vocation as information seeker stepped up to a new level with my launch of Ab Initio Archives Research Services, LLC. As the founder and president of this historical research firm, I have been working hard daily to fulfill the needs of a vast, global community of authors, documentary filmmakers, museum curators, archaeologists, lawyers, engineers, federal government agencies, veterans and other private citizens for finding essential  historical evidence.  

People just like you. 

Perhaps you are looking to find evidence of toxic munitions storage on formerly-used defense sites, or  Kennedy assassination documents, or military service files for a deceased relative. 

Whatever you’re looking for, I can find it for you, if it still exists.

I bring to this task 25 years of experience in the archival field now (eleven of which I spent as a National Archives staff member), plus many other years as a magazine photo editor, freelance writer and photographer. I understand what you need to accomplish your work, whether it is of a commercial,  legal, editorial or academic nature. I am also able to understand documents written in German and French, and I am currently learning Arabic as well. In addition to all this, I have lived abroad for short periods, which gives me firsthand experience of some regions of the world with which some documents concern themselves. 

I’ve got what it takes to find what you’re looking for. 

My company name–“Ab Initio,” Latin for “from the beginning”–says it all. I will work with you step by step from start to finish to recreate the past you need to capture through documentary evidence. 

Kevin Morrow, President and Owner of Ab Initio Archives Research, LLC