Military Research

Public records repositories hold vast amounts of military records relating to America’s wars from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf War, as well as military records produced in peacetime. Ab Initio Archives Research, LLC has used such records for almost a decade and a half to find essential historical evidence usable by veterans, historians, environmental engineers, lawyers and government agencies.

Military records can take a multitude of forms, all of which Ab Initio Archives can find for you: mortuary files; Navy deck logs, Army and Marine Corps after-action reports, Air Force operations reports; general orders containing citations for medals and decorations; Army, Navy and Marine Corps muster rolls; battlefield intelligence reports; captured German, Japanese, Italian, North Korean, Chinese and North Vietnamese records; casualty reports; records of military occupation governments; missing air crew reports; information on American and enemy prisoners of war; psychological warfare and propaganda materials; logistics and administration records from all branches of the service; military policy and planning correspondence; guerrilla operations; enemy alien internment camp records; construction records from the Navy’s Bureau of Ships, including records which may indicate the use and presence of asbestos aboard US Navy vessels; merchant marine records; and many, many more.